TEXTURIZER.INFO is a FREE texture archive for everybody to create commercial and non commercial products for webdesign, pc-game-design, photomounting, animation,...
The user has the right to download every needed picture from www.texturizer.info - after entering his/her email-adress to get a key for disabling the watermarks.
Therefore he/she allows texturizer.info to use the entered email-adress for own purposes - like sending NEWSLETTERS with the newest TEXTURIZER-NEWS to all registered users.

TEXTURIZER.INFO does NOT sell or give away the user's email-adresses! We hate spam, so we don't want to help the spam-community to grow with selling them our user's email-adresses.

THE USER IS NOT ALLOWED to sell our pictures on any download-site, on DVDs, CDs, or whatever.
THE USER IS NOT ALLOWED to put our pictures on any free-download site.
THE USER IS NOT ALLOWED to change any description or copyright information of a texturizer-picture and offer it as his/her product.

ALL PICTURES are digitally protected with non-removable watermarks. Misuse will be detected and all responsible persons prosecuted.

TEXTURIZER.INFO is a non-commercial project of:
Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Tanja Kühnel and Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Michael Uitz


created 2006_12_05